2017 Daily Planner to Organize Your Life

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2017 Daily Planner     

2017 Daily Planner to Organize Your Life

I'm busy! Yes, I know I only work part-time blogging but with two kids that are involved in after school activities my life is hectic. During the day, I schedule my appointments, manage the household and my small business. After school, I become a taxi cab in the midst of packing lunches and killer math homework. I have a pile of appointment cards already stacked for 2017 and no place to put them. So, I recently purchased a 2017 daily planner to organize my life!

 The Busy Mom

This cutie to the left is the 2017 weekly planneracquired for the new year. I selected it because the price was reasonable. It's currently just over $10. Mainly because my 2017 daily planner needs lots of space to write. Since, most days I need to be in multiple places. I liked that each week is broken down and there is lots of room to write notes to myself, so I stay on top of things.
  • The cover features artist Van Gogh.
  • Planner includes 17 months.
  • Storage space to place receipts and appointment cards.
  • Pick your's up today!

Do It All


 If you're anything like me, some days you wonder how you even can keep your head on straight. I recently had bronchitis, so mom was forced to take a break. Okay, not a full break because I still caught myself doing silly things like vacuuming up dog hair because I can't stand leaving a mess alone. This 2017 calendar and daily planner are just what you need to keep the family updated when mom doesn't feel well!
  • 300 stickers to mark appointments
  • weekly layout
  • sturdy
  • Purchase here

2017 Daily Planner

Organized in 2017

With my new 2017 daily planner, I can keep on top of what's going on and be prepared for life. I like to know well in advance what's going on so I can mentally prepare for it. Which daily planner would you like to purchase?



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