Squeezing Lemons Without Juicer

squeezing lemons without juicer
This post is sponsored by #Squissors. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog contains affiliate links.
Does squeezing lemons without a juicer stop you from the substantial bodily benefits of lemons and limes? Or, do you hate dragging out your super massive and time-consuming juicer that takes forever to clean? Well, my husband and I found a mess-free, easy, dishwasher safe solution!

Squeezing Lemons Without Juicer

Squissors allows you to cut and squeeze fruit juice with no mess. It's quick and easy. No cutting board is needed. You simply wash your fruit and stick it inside this nifty green tool to either cut in half or to squeeze the juice or even both!

The blade inside of Squissors is stainless steel and serrated which makes using it a breeze. Even those (like myself) who are terrible at slicing will use this product with great ease. Do you have a relative that has trouble with the function of their hands due to something like arthritis? This is a perfect tool for them.

I have two kids, and life is busy. In the morning, I love to have a lemon to detoxify my body in my water. Also, it gives me a natural boost of energy. I don't have the time to drag out my heavy juicer and then go through the long drawn out process of cleaning it afterward. So, I immediately fell in love with Squissors.

My husband loves to make fresh lemonade. He is the one slaving away squeezing lemons without a juicer. He fell in love with this product instantly. He can't wait to make the kids a fresh batch of lemonade.

Would I recommend buying Squissors? Yes, I loved it. It's mess-free, dishwasher safe, and easy to use. My only complaint which isn't really much of a complaint is that it's rather large so it won't be stored in my utensil drawer. I will be storing it in the box it came in.

Definitely, pick up Squissors if you want the mess-free ease of slicing fruit and juicing!



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