8 Tips and Tricks To Better Protect Your Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can truly enhance the overall look of your home. It adds more beauty, personality and elegance at your abode’s interior. But as amazing as it is, wood flooring is more prone to damage than any other type of flooring. To keep it shining as new, proper cleaning and maintenance must be always observed.

Here are some care tips and cleaning advice that can keep your wood flooring looking lustrous for years to come.

8 Tips and Tricks To Better Protect Your Wood Flooring

Remove moisture

Water and moisture is the biggest enemy of natural wood flooring. If your flooring has a good finish, it’s more resistant to water and moisture. But if not, always look out for those water drops and moisture build up. Quickly clean any spills with a slightly damp cloth. Also, don’t ever install wood flooring in or near a damp place or room like the bathroom.

Sweep regularly

Don’t let any kind of dust and dirt settle on your flooring. Sweep them immediately as they might cause scratches and unwanted damages. Use soft-bristled broom in sweeping your wooden floorings once a day.

Vacuum regularly

Sweeping might not catch all the dirt and dust on your floor so it’s highly recommended that you vacuum it at least once a week. Use a brush attachment on your vacuum to avoid denting your wooden floor.

Use slightly damp mop

If you chose to use a mop to clean and shine your flooring, make sure it’s slightly damp.

Place pads under furniture

Place some pads under your furniture, especially to the heavy ones to avoid any kind of scratch and damage to your floor. Also, don’t drag the furniture when moving them from one place to another. Lift them up as much as possible.

Place rugs and carpets

Place some rugs and carpets in high traffic areas where wood flooring was installed. You can also place mats in your entryways and areas that catch lots of dirt and dust.

Use manufacturer recommended floor cleaning materials

Only use the cleaning materials that are recommended by manufacturers. Always remember that not all wood flooring are created equal so ask your hardwood manufacture what kind of cleaning product or agent they recommend.

Protect your floor from direct, excessive sunlight

Hardwood flooring that sits under the sun can get washed out. So if you wanted to maintains its look and shining appeal, place rugs over the spot that is directly hit by sunshine. You can also use curtains and blinds to control the amount of sun rays that can go through inside your house.

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