Kalahari Waterpark Sandusky Ohio

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My family LOVES Kalahari water park Sandusky, Ohio. We've been so many times that I know the water park by heart. My youngest decided to celebrate her birthday early when we landed a deal. The prices during summer seem to skyrocket so finding a deal $200 and under is a bargain.

This year Kalahari has 5 brand new outdoor waterslides. Of course, being the fans that we are we couldn't wait to check them out.

Kalahari Water park sandusky ohio, sandusky, ohio, things to do, waterpark, for kids, for families

Kalahari Waterpark Sandusky Ohio

Tornado Alley was my favorite of the slides that I rode. It's very intense. I think this is my new favorite ride. This ride has some extreme moments. You experience sudden drops and crazy high swings. All while getting pelted in the face with huge waterfalls. My youngest loved it once I talked her into going on it. This ride has a long line but is entirely worth it.

Stingray will wake you up really quick if you weren't already awake. You dive down a dark tunnel and a fast speed. When you finally see the light again you find yourself skyrocketing up and into a big drop having a zero gravity moment. 

I enjoyed this ride but I loved that tornado alley was more intense!

Sahara Sidewinder is a quick ride that send you up the sides and takes you on surprising dips. It reminds me of Swahilli Swirl!

Serengeti Spinner is a high-speed enclosed waterslide. This slide sends you into loops and then throws you into the pool.

Extreme Rush the floor drops out and you go into a free fall. This is an extreme thrill ride. I always end up with my back scratched on these so I didn't go on it. The lifeguard said if you lay a certain way that you won't end up scratched. This is supposed to be an amazing ride.

Will you Kalahari waterpark Sandusky Ohio's newest outdoor slides?



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