Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z

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A few months ago I purchased my family a Detroit Zoo membership. When I did, I made a few sneaky mommy trips with a few of my friends to take pictures. Yes, I'm that mom. This weekend the weather and my schedule finally cooperated for mom & daughters day at the Detroit Zoo. Little did my girls know they had been severely lacking Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z. Yes, that's a thing. 

Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z, Detroit Zoo Membership, Metro Detroit, Royal Oak, for kids, things to do, penguins, kids, family, trips, vacation

Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z

You see the Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z is in my children's blood. They spent every Wednesday night there during the summer months for years when they were smaller enjoying a picnic on the lawn while the live music blew gently in the breeze. My oldest daughter, now 14, would insist on watching the snakes eat their dinner so off we would go to look at the snakes during the concerts.

Faith loves reptiles thanks to her time spent at the Detroit Zoo. Of course, mean mom said no to a pet snake, but she said yes to a crested gecko. Learning to care for different animals has been a great learning experience for my daughter.

Faith hadn't been to the Zoo in about a year so after checking out the new penguin exhibit guess where we spent most of our time? Yes, the reptile area. Of course, my ten-year-old was slightly creeped out, but she warmed up quickly.

So here's the thing. If you live in the Metro Detroit area, you need Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z in your life. 

So, if you visit the Zoo even once a year I highly recommend purchasing a membership. Here's why let's say a family of four visits the zoo for the day with parking. You're looking at about $55 dollars. A family membership that gives you unlimited access to the Detroit Zoo is only $89. You're not only helping support the Zoo, but you're giving your family tons of memories that will last a lifetime. A Zoo Membership also makes a fabulous gift!
Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z, Metro Detroit, zoo, kids, family, kids, things to do, travel,

Make memories this summer with your family and enjoy some Detroit Zoo Vitamin Z!

Buy your membership here!

What're your favorite animals at the Detroit Zoo?



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