7 Ways to Declutter Your House Fast

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Recently, minimalism has been a trend, therefore, motivating people to declutter their homes. Even in fashion, architecture, and lifestyle, people are beginning to understand the beauty that lies in simplicity. Research says that decluttering and living a minimalist life, in general, can be beneficial to our mental health and well-being. 

For instance, going home to a cluttered home after a long and stressful day at work can cause more stress. Furthermore, minimalism and decluttering can help us on our way to financial freedom. Since it is all about focusing on the things that you need and removing the garbage of life, it will make us focus our energy on our passions. 

However, decluttering can be challenging, especially if you are living in a manufactured house and haven’t lived in one before. Here are some tips on how to declutter your house fast:

1. Learn to let go of things that you no longer use. 

Like Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying consultant who became well-known because of her books on decluttering and organizing, puts it, only keep things that “spark joy.” Doing so enables us to live the life that we truly want and envision. Once you’ve collected all items that do not spark joy, put them in boxes or in plastic bags, and then consider giving them to your family or friends who may want to have them. It’s also a good idea to donate.

2. Categorize your belongings

Marie Kondo suggests that we organize our belongings by categorizing them into the following:

- Clothes

- Books

- Papers (Categorize into 3 types: Papers that need attention, papers that are necessary for the short-term, and papers that are necessary indefinitely)

- Komono (Miscellaneous items- grooming products, kitchen utensils, beddings)

- Sentimental items

3. Invest in organizers (storage boxes, shelves, drawers, etc.)

As much as possible, make things look tidy and organized by purchasing organizers such as hikidashi boxes, which are great, especially for managing underwear items. Shelves are also helpful, especially in the kitchen. It allows you to see your things at a glance.

4. Consider taking photos of your documents/films

You may want to consider scanning some documents or photos then store them into your computers or hard drives. This can also be easier to organize and keep track.

5. Set a deadline

This is important, especially when you want to declutter fast. You can try to declutter in 1-2 days, but this is easier said than done. It usually takes 5 to 7 days for deep decluttering and organizing. You may also want to try setting goals for each day of decluttering (for example, for the first day, you can focus on clothes and books, then another category in the next few days).

6. Label

Especially when it comes to garage and basement items, labeling can be a tremendous help! Consider purchasing a label maker if you have the extra money to put labels on boxes. It’s a suitable method for the organization and less worry when looking for something around the house! 

7. Make it a bonding moment

Decluttering is not easy, but it is worth it, especially if you’re doing it for fun! Consider doing it with your partner, friend, family member, or anyone you’d like to declutter with. Put on some music, prepare some snacks as a reward after a hard day’s work. It can be fun!

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