5 Reasons to Learn Swim With or Without Goggles

5 Reasons to learn to swim with or without goggles, swim, for kids, for her, for him, for kids, pools, metro detroit,
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All of us have preferences about what we like and don't like in the water. I, for example, don't like water up my nose or the feeling of blowing out air bubbles under water. I know I should desensitize myself of this, but I don't.

The same thing goes for goggles. Some people can't swim without them, and that poses potential problems just like the problem I face with not liking swimming without my nose plugged in some way.

Let's face it, in the water we need to be comfortable in different situations. Our, lives could depend on it.

5 Reasons to learn to swim with or without goggles, swim, for kids, for her, for him, for kids, pools, metro detroit,

5 Reason to Learn Swim With or Without Goggles

1. Many children swim with their eyes closed in the water and without goggles which could lead to a water collision and possible injury. Also, when kids swim this way it hampers the learning process in developing swimming skills. If you find your child is swimming with their eyes closed, you might want to consider swimming lessons at Aqua-Tots to teach them techniques in the water to prevent injury.

2. If your child is new to the water, it is recommended by many instructors to teach children how to swim with their eyes open before you introduce the convenience of goggles. Swimming without goggles is an essential skill to have in case you accidentally fall into the water. That is why Aqua-Tots Swim Schools in their level 4 classes have the kids practice jumping in and safely swimming back without the use of their goggles.

3. Wearing goggles in the water will protect your eyes from harsh pool chemicals that are used to keep the pool sanitary. Chlorine is known to cause red and itchy eyes. I know for me, chlorine drys my eyes out.

4. If you have a child that doesn't like water in their face or eyes goggles make the perfect option until they can grow acclimated to the water.  As children become more comfortable in the water, they will get used to having water on their face or in their eyes.

5. Being able to swim without goggles is a skill. A skill that is important, so you're comfortable in the water. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools can help you learn to be confident in the water with or without goggles.

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