5 Things on Friday 2/9/18

5 things on friday

This week has rolled along smoothly. Michigan has received a ton of snow, and we're preparing for another big storm. Here are my happenings for the week.

1. Last weekend I went with a bunch of church friends to Capac for a craft weekend. I basically sat in a chair all weekend playing around with crafts and working on my blog. We also had a massage therapist come in, and we had massages. It was so relaxing. It was beautiful getting to know people better. I'm a person that is on the shy side, so it takes quite awhile to get to know me. Once I'm comfortable, I talk quite a bit.

2. My daughter started driver's education this week. I can't believe she is supposed to already be driving on Friday. I bet with the snow storm coming in that they will move her first drive. Matt took her out this week to practice in a parking lot. He said she did well.

3. On Monday, I started working with a personal trainer. I started an eight-week program. I know how to be in shape but I am lazy, and I need motivation. I've been counting macros all week, and I feel amazing. I think I'm actually eating more and feel more stable mood wise. The workout end of the program has been rough. My legs have been on fire all week. Thankfully, one more workout left for the week, and I'm done. Woot!

4. I've felt like I'm not rested enough. I've been working six days a week teaching English. I wouldn't mind it if I could sleep in. Getting up 6 days a week at 4:30 AM is getting old. I don't have time to just sit and chill on the couch with my family because I get ready for bed at 7 PM and I'm passed out by 8 PM. Now on Friday nights I can have a glass of wine and enjoy myself a bit.

5. Things have been quiet this week. Matt has been sick with the stomach flu, and Keira has had a cold. Thankfully, spring is just around the corner.

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How was your week?



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