5 Thing on Friday 2/28/20

Welcome! Baby, it's sure cold outside. I'm freezing even though I have two fireplaces going. Oh well, we're supposed to be close to 50 degrees next week, so it's all good. We haven't talked in a while, so I'm going to fill you in! 

1. My youngest had surgery last week. It was a rough week, even though K handled the operation like a pro. It was a pretty gruesome surgery so nurse mom was in full action for a few days. She has a follow-up today with the surgeon, but she's back to herself, and I'm so relieved it's over. That poor kid has had more dental work that most people will have in their lives.

2. I have had the winter blah's for about a month now. I seriously have a beautiful life, but they get me down every single year. My weight-lifting sessions help so much and give me a boost. I'm so looking forward to 11 days in Florida but freaking a little about flying with the Coronavirus going on. I think media and the press make these things so much bigger than they are.

3. I'm seven months into letting my hair go gray. Guess what I keep doing? Throwing Overtone on it. Someone said to me today you have to 100% want to do this for yourself and not anyone else. I have a few people in my life really rooting for no dye. My mom mentioned to me today if I didn't have people pushing, I would have dyed it by now, which is the truth. Maybe right now is not the time since I keep still trying to cover it up. Perhaps ten years from now? I don't want to be someone influenced by others. I want to make my own decisions, and when I'm ready, no opinion will be able to stop me because I'm stubborn as hell.

4. This weekend is pretty low key. Tonight, we probably will watch something on Netflix and get pizza. Tomorrow, I have my workout, lunch with a friend, and K has been dying to go to Chick-Fil-A. We will see. Sunday, probably church and a funeral for one of our residents. This is already the second funeral since I moved here in December.

5. The house front is moving slow. The bathroom that we're redoing is taking forever. We have plaster walls in there and decided to keep them, and we have to keep fixing and patching spots. Hopefully, soon we can paint and move on. I'm not sure I love everything I picked out in there. The black granite in the bathroom is a pain in the butt. I do enjoy my awesome tub and tile work Matt did. It's gorgeous. Who knows, once it's done I might change my mind.



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