5 Things on Friday 2/16/18

Welcome! I'm so glad you've joined me today. So, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and let's fill each other in on the latest happenings.

1. Both of my kids missed most of the school week with the stomach flu. I was so annoyed with Faith's driving school. Courtesy Driving School has been terrible and unforgiving since Faith was sick this week. They're allowed to miss three days. If they miss 4, they need a Dr's excuse. Well, today I sent her even though she didn't go to school because today would have been 4 days. Faith called me and said her driving instructor wanted to know where her DR note was. Ugh, I was like if he has a problem have him call me. I don't see why they can't stick her in the next session, but no they wanted me to pay another $300. 

2. I finally managed to get my hair done. I feel so much better after I get my sparkles covered. Pretty soon I'm going to have to just give that up and highlight my hair silver and be done with it.

3. My students are on holiday and celebrating Chinese New Year, so I have half of the week off. It's so lovely sleeping in 2 extra hours and staying up past nine. I love seeing those cute little faces in the morning, though.

4. Last night at Mops/Next we had a panel of men to answer women's questions. It was actually a fun night and went by so quickly.

5. Our budget is tight at the moment due to us purchasing a beach house in August. By the end of summer, we will be all caught up, financially. So, for Valentine's we did something a little different this year. Matt took me out to lunch at Red Lobster which was fabulous. I've been working with a personal trainer, so this was the first cheat meal I've had in two weeks. The chocolate wave cake was divine. He also made me chocolate covered strawberries. Tomorrow, we are heading up north with the kids for a little getaway. I need a little rest and relaxation after dealing with sick demanding kids all week.

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