6 Things on Friday 2/23/18

Welcome to 6 things on Friday! I'm going to fill you in a little on my chaotic life. So, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and I will spill the gossip for the week!

1. Last Friday we went up north for Valentine's weekend and to work on the house a bit. We're removing the enormous hot water tank out of our bathroom and putting a small one in one of our kitchen cabinets. The local Lowe's didn't have the size we needed, so hubby worked on wiring and setting up everything. We're also putting in a fan and a new floor in the bathroom.

My daughter and I (see the pictures above) went for a walk along the water. I love being 5 houses from Lake Huron. My dining room has a beautiful view, and I love sitting in there early in the morning and watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee in my hand. Anyways, even though I hate cold and, snow everything was iridescent and gorgeous showing God's beautiful artwork.

We also went to our favorite restaurant which is on our block, The Water Tower Sports Pub. They seriously have the best breadsticks on the planet. I tried a new salad on their updated menu and fell in love. It was kind of a taco salad but had these spicy potatoes on it. It was amazing.

Matt couldn't wait to check out The Black Panther, so we headed to Fort Gratiot to see it. Keira and I didn't enjoy it. For some reason, it just couldn't hold my attention. Some of the graphics were stunning, though.

Overall, I enjoyed myself. Keira was super cranky, so that put a damper on everyone's mood.

2. The girls have been on mid-winter break all week. I thought I would have a little bit of downtime, but that hasn't been the case. I swear I've done more this week than usual between going to the chiropractor, orthodontist, and carting Faith back and forth for her driving lessons it's been one hectic week.

3. On Tuesday, I took my mom and both girls to my hair salon to get their hair done. The picture above doesn't do my daughter's hair justice. It looks fabulous. It's so pretty and artistic, but we had it done underneath her hair because I didn't want her to bleach all of her hair. It took 4 hours but she "powered through it."

My oldest daughter added bangs and cut a few inches off her hair. I can't believe how fast she's growing up!

4. Faith had her first drive this week. I was nervous about it because she was the only kid driving for two hours. She has another drive tomorrow. She did well! She said the only part that confused her was a roundabout. I told her roundabouts are a pain and should be illegal. LOL.

5. I'm currently ending the third week with a physical trainer. I can't believe how much my body is changing. I love counting macros it's so easy, and I adore that I can have treats every single day. I'm down a few pounds and lost a few inches on my waist and hips. Less than 5 weeks to go on the program and then it's bikini time in Florida. My lesson has been learned. I thought since the scale has been stuck since I turned 40 that there was no hope. Macros are totally the way to get things moving!

6. I finally made it out to see my best friend this week. It's hard for me to go out during the week because I work in the mornings and I have to be at school pickup by 2 PM. I love our coffee time and miss doing it weekly. My mood is always lighter when I leave her house.

How was your week?



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