5 Things on Friday 7/9/2021


Hello! It's been a while! Let's catch up. I'm up late since I'm still on Hawaiian time and still feel a little off. To describe it best, I feel partially asleep. 

1. I'm so glad to be home. Seriously, there is no place like home. The last week of our vacation, we stayed in Kauai. Pretty much every chicken in the area lived outside our condo. It would start every morning before 5 AM and go until the sun went down. To put it mildly, I no longer feel guilty about eating chicken. We had air conditioning units in our bedrooms, but with 50 chickens outside your window, it didn't help much. Oh, and I'm super thankful for air conditioning and cheap groceries!   

2. We flew home Monday night. We didn't end up back in Detroit until 6 PM on Tuesday due to the time change. I was all prepared that flying overnight would be terrible, but it wasn't at all. We had one 6 hour flight to Seattle and then another 4 hours home. It was much quicker flying back than going there. 

3. We did so much during our 15-day trip. I'm going to write a post about each island we visited. If I ever go back, I would do a few things differently. I was ready to go home after 11 days. I would definitely spend less time in Kauai if I ever go back.

4. This week has been about giving myself grace. After eating everything I wanted for 15 days, I decided a 5-pound weight gain wasn't that bad. So, I've been slowly easing back into my workouts, fasting, and counting my macros. Counting my macros helps me not worry so much about what the scale says.

5. We went to see Black Widow tonight. It was so good! I almost started crying when I left the movie theater. It was crowded, and very few people had a mask on. It also got me thinking about how much this pandemic has changed my life in the last 1.5 years.



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