5 Things on Friday

Hello! It's been a while since I've been on here! Life has been busy. Let's catch up!

1. After three years, Covid finally caught us. We went to Chicago two weeks ago to see a couple of Harry Styles shows. I'm sure all the screaming girls spilled cooties every which way. I caught it first, then K and hubby. We all are testing negative now and free to go our merry ways but, we all are so tired. K says catching it for Harry was totally worth it. I would have to very much disagree with this. I could quickly pass on two nights with Harry. 

2. Taking two weeks off heavy weight lifting has driven me crazy. I'm diving back in on Monday. It's peak week which means I'm lifting more than I ever have next week. I'm going to have to give myself some grace because I know after 2 weeks of this my body has been through a war. Slow and steady wins the race. I've been walking in the house most days for 30 minutes to an hour to slowly build back up.

3. Food! I have not been macro counting while I've been sick. It's all about comfort food. I've been living on pasta and things I usually would never eat. I cooked a few pounds of chicken to get back into my routine but I still haven't touched it. That's okay. 

4. I've spent most of my time the last two weeks sleeping, playing word games, and reading. Well, I did watch Don't Worry Darling with Keira for the third time. I now really want to buy a bunch of 50's dresses and hold a dinner party. I've spent hours on Modcloth. As soon as I have some energy, I plan on doing just that.

5. Keira and I are adventuring from the house today. I'm sure it will completely wipe us out. We are going to see My Policeman. I don't want to see it, but Keira loved the book and well everything is Harry right now.



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