Friday Five 7/30/21


Happy Friday! I hope you're having a beautiful morning! Let's catch up. 

1. This week has been a blur. I seriously have trouble keeping up with my life which is a sign I need to give up something. I recently opened a drop-ship company, and it's just too much with everything else I have going on. How do I come up with these ideas? I'm overwhelmed with what I have, and hey, let's start something else on top of forgetting how busy I already am. I guess the decisions you make on vacation (while relaxing) are not always good ones.

2. I had a break in renters this week, so we spent a couple of days at our beach house. We had a nice time relaxing on the beach (minus the biting flies) also a fabulous dinner with friends. 

3. I started the 3 Day Military Diet to get my butt back on track. I still haven't lost the last few pounds from Hawaii, and I felt I needed a total reset. I eat out way too much. I'm not going to lie; the first day was hard. Today is day two, and I'm hoping it will be easier. I should be completely back to normal after my third day. Yep, just in time for dinner with friends!!!

4. My caterpillars are growing like crazy. I have 11 right now. I'm hoping the fat cats will be going into a chrysalis any day. Well, four are getting close. I keep saying I don't want anymore, and when I go outside to get them food, what is on the milkweed? More eggs. Just call me the mother of monarchs. LOL.

5. I finished watching Virgin River last night. It started off so slow this season but picked up. Also, I finished reading the Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek. It was excellent, and we had a wonderful book discussion this week!



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