7 Home Organizing Tips That You’ll Want To Try

Organizing your home is quite a challenge. It’s neither an easy job to do nor a task to accomplish. Luckily, there are hacks that you can use and tricks that you can follow that can make it fairly easy. Some of those tips are as follows. 

Stop clutter from coming in

Prevention is better than the cure. This phrase applies really well when it comes to home organization. Stop clutter from building up and coming into your home. Unsubscribe from junk mails, catalogs, and magazines that you don’t read. Stop hoarding unnecessary items and buying non-necessities in bulk. The lesser items you own the easier the home organization will be.

Learn to say no on freebies

It’s hard to say no to freebies. Whether it’s a piece of a pen, a pad of paper or mugs and t-shirts, we tend to get them all as long as they are free. The thing is, we don’t really need or use them at all. These freebies often end up at the storage bin or cabinet that adds up to the clutter we already have at home. Remember, if you don’t need them, don’t take them even though they are offered for free.

Keep things you use regularly within reach

Keep the things you use daily or regularly within arm’s reach. Like for example, in the kitchen, your often using cooking tools and utensils they must be within reach. Those seldom used items like your special baking tools and supplies should be kept hidden inside a cabinet. Your daily bags and accessories must be kept in a place that you can reach immediately especially when in a hurry. You get the idea, right?

Organize kid’s toys by age

If you have kids at home, you can surely relate to this. Organize their toys according to their age. Like for example, toys suitable for 3 and below must be kept in a regular plastic container. Those toys that are suitable for 7 and up can be kept inside a cabinet. Group and store them according to their age and you’ll be amazed by how this simple trick can help limit the mess. 

Install wall hooks 

Allow your kids to use wall hooks for their daily use items like coats, hats, and backpacks. Make sure to install them at the level they can reach so they can easily hook their items up. Teach them the proper way of doing it until it becomes a daily habit. 

Hang your clothes

If you can hang all of your clothes, do it! This way, you can see everything in just one look limiting the amount of time and effort needed to get what you want or need for the day. The cabinets and drawers must be reserved for socks and underwear only. Double hangers can be used as well to increase the hanging space.

Cherish the memory with a picture

If you are keeping an old broken item for sentimental reasons (handed to you by your favorite aunt or grandma), take a picture of it and consider giving it away. Remember, it’s the memory or the thoughts that counts, not the actual item itself.

With these organizing tips and ideas, organizing your home can be quite easy and stress-free.

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