5 Things on Friday

Welcome to another edition of 5 things on Friday where I fill you in on what's going on in my life. So, grab a coffee, or a glass of wine depending on what time it is and join me!

1. On Saturday, we celebrated my daughters 12th birthday. We had already celebrated by taking her to Kalahari so we had a small family party. We had a nice day. The girls had a blast playing in the pool.

2. We headed to the all-new Defy Detroit with the kids which was sponsored. I'm sure am a klutz. I, of course, wanted to fly through the air on the trapeze, but this girl didn't know the correct way to fall. Yes, knowing how to fall correctly is kind of important. Did I mention the landing was into foam? Well, I let go and face planted. When I face planted the foam bounced my legs up behind me, and up to my head. There was a large cracking sound. I thought I had broken my back. My husband had to help me out. Thankfully, because I work out, and I'm flexible it was only a sprain.

My kids did have a blast at Defy Detroit! If you have an active family, I highly recommend checking it out.

Needless to say, I've had a painful week, but thanks to my CBD oil I haven't taken one painkiller.

3. My kids rocked this week. I have been limited on what I can do but, we managed to clean the beach house in 80 minutes. That's a new record. Yes, I time how long it takes us to clean!

4. Both of my girls had school registration, and pictures this week. I think they're both actually glad to go back to school. If you don't force them neither one of them would move all summer. They would be sloths.

5. I've been teaching kids in China how to speak English for a year now. While I was in pain this week it reminded me how thankful I am to teach, and love on kids from China. I sat with my ice pack and had myself a grand time. I'm truly blessed to work for such a wonderful company!



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