5 Things on Friday

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It's time for yet another addition of 5 things on Friday. These are the deets on my life and kind of like my weekly diary. I actually find it soothing to write this each week. 

1. I hear so many complain about "yet another birthday" well I'm here to tell you that each birthday you have is a blessing of another year that you have lived. Life is indeed a gift. 

This Sunday, I will be celebrating my 43 birthday on the beach and having a BBQ with my parents. It's sometimes odd to me how with age my dreams have changed. I'm craving a more simple life and get this I want a farmhouse. I never thought I would say that. Well, I have a plan in my head just like I had an idea in my head for the beach house.

Girls, I'm telling you when you have a dream write it down, make a dream board, and meditate on it. Yes, it may take years but let the universe hear you. That just gave me an idea to have a little girl get together to make dream boards.

2. I met up for dinner with one of my besties at California Pizza Kitchen. It's always so lovely to get away and laugh for a few hours! But something in the food set off heartburn that's been going on multiple days. Boo!

3. I enjoyed a birthday dinner at my parent's house. Once a year, my mom makes me this heavenly coconut cake. I look forward to it all year long!

4. I'm looking forward to treating myself and Matt to massages tomorrow! It's going to be a fabulous start to a beautiful weekend.

5. I've had a frustrating week with my internet. I pay for the super fast speed since I teach online. Last week I had Xfinity come out and fix my internet. They ran all new cables. This week I lost three classes because my internet sucked. I think it's time to switch to Wow. I have an excellent job, and I don't want to mess it up. Yes, working from home in my PJ pants is fantastic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! See ya next week!



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