What I Learned in 2018

What I learned in 2018, new year, 2018, grow

Looking back at 2018 I had a good year. God has taught me to be grateful in all things.

In February, I got healthy. I began a new exercise and eating program. I also hired a personal trainer. I was feeling great. I was feeling strong and so proud of myself for not giving up.

September hit and I thought it would be fun to try the trapeze when the kids and I were at a park. I was feeling strong, so I figured I could do this.

Well, I did and fell wrong into a foam pit. My legs bounced over my head. I caused soft tissue damage to my back and pulled something in my arm.

My arm just felt like I had pulled it. I continued to see my chiropractor and lift weights. Slowly, even though I never stopped moving it my shoulder froze. This is my second battle with frozen shoulder. 

My pain level is high. Right now I live on CBD oil and occasional painkillers. Here is what I'm grateful for! I have use of my other arm, and my range of motion is improving.

All of this made me realize we are so much stronger than we think we are. After, my arm is done battling me I will be back to weightlifting. In the meantime, I'm dealing with Graston treatments and physical therapy.

I crave a more simple life as I get older. When I was younger the bigger the house, the better. We care for three houses right now. It's a strain. My current home has three bathrooms and a large finished basement. Do you think we use the three bathrooms? Nope, we all fight over the one next to the bedrooms. I don't use my basement either. I just use the basement for storage and laundry.

I also learned that teenagers do eventually come back to you. Tweens and teens are wired to become their own person. They might want nothing to do with you for years but trust they will want to spend time with you again.

My sixteen-year-old daughter has gotten over the wanting nothing to do with her parents and moved onto wanting to spend time with us. It was just in time for my 12-year-old to start wanting nothing to do with us. The more I read, the more I learn this is perfectly normal. It doesn't mean it doesn't break my heart though.

I'm an introvert. At 43, I know myself quite well. I know when I can't people anymore. Sometimes I hide out. That's perfectly okay!

Tons of people think that having friends is a number game. I'm here to tell you it's not. If you're lucky enough to have a few friends that you chit-chat with daily like I do you're so blessed.

I have two words for 2019. I want to keep it simple and be at peace. I think I found my peace a few weeks ago with a significant happening that I can't discuss on here. Let's just say someone that treated my family horribly apologized. 

You can forgive people and be totally at peace without choosing to have them in your life.

Cheers to 2019!



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