5 Things on Friday

Hello! Thanks for joining me for another edition of 5 things on Friday. Let's catch up for a little bit!

1. After 5 months, our addition is finally finished. I'm so happy that I can finally clean. You should see the dust and dirt in all of the other rooms from the remodel. We are finishing up our bathroom. We did a complete tear-out. We have the floor almost done and the bathtub in. As soon as things are functional, I will put my house up for sale. I'm not quite sure how I feel. The addition is beyond beautiful, but the rest of the house still looks like a dungeon. Oh, well! It will be easier to keep working on it once I live there. Going back and forth and having hubby gone 15 hours a day is getting to me.

2. I finished finally booking our Hawaii trip. It's definitely going to be a once in a lifetime trip for the amount I spent. I'm excited, nervous, all rolled into one. This coming year will be a year of travel for us. We also will be spending a week in Florida, so I guess I will not be using the beach house much. 

3. My youngest had two days off from school this week. One for the lousy weather and the second due to bus issues. Keira had a friend over, and I remembered what it was like having a toddler. She thought it would be a good idea to stick a pool stick down the sewer hole in the basement to see what was down there. Oh my, my head hurt, and it was a cause for lots of bleach.

4. I hate cold weather, so I work hard to change my outlook. I started a new tradition last year where we spend a lot of time going to the movies. Seriously, I really look forward to it. Last week we took Keira and her friend to see Harriet. It was okay. It would have been a better rental. Today, we're going to see Ford vs. Ferrari. I love our movie time together, even if I can't get the kids to go half the time anymore.

5. I'm mentally preparing myself to have a seventeen-year-old in another month. Seriously, it's like a dream; it goes so fast. I can't believe Keira will be in high school next year. It's hard to let go from parenting to being more of a guide in your child's life. I have to remember constantly that sometimes poor choices help kids to grow. We don't become who we are today without hard things that happen to us. We are made to withstand these storms and come out stronger. 



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