7 Easy Tricks To Make Your House Smell Great Instantly

Wondering how to make your home smell good instantly? Here are a few tips and tricks that can make each and every room in your home smell fresh and crisp all day long. Check them out! 

Stove simmers

The natural scent of citrus slices and fine herbs like mint or lavender simmered in water can genuinely make your house smell great in an instant. Simmer water in a small saucepan and add the citrus and mint. The heat will help spread the refreshingly sweet scent throughout your house.

Place scent-filled jars

Fill a mason jar with simmering water and mix in some cinnamon sticks and dried apples to create a pleasant and flavorful holiday-like scent. You can place the jars in each and every room of your house.

Clean and disinfect your garbage disposal
Nothing can make a house stink so severely as unclean garbage disposal. Run some lemon or lime rind through your disposal to flush out the smell. Follow it up by some running water to totally eliminate the odor. For best results, you can pour in a cup of baking soda with warm water into it.

Place scented candles
Place some scented candles strategically in your home. You don’t have to light them up to make it excrete that sweet smelling scent. Place them in an area where the smell can be easily absorbed, like for example in your linen closet.

Fresh indoor plants
Aside from giving a fresh and natural look, indoor plants can also help clean and purify the air inside your home. When the air is clean, pretty sure the smell or scent can be quite indulging.

Make use of your air vents.

A small car deodorizer can help keep your home smelling good. Attach or clip a deodorizer to your vent’s metal slats so the air will blow through, the scent will spread out all throughout your house.

Bake some yummy treats
The aroma of fresh baked goods can genuinely make your home smell good instantly. If you have visitors coming over, bake some delicious cookies minutes before they arrive. Aside from the yummy treats that you can offer, the sweet smelling aroma can also make their visit a lot better.

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