5 Things on Saturday

Good morning my lovelies! I have my coffee and just finished my protein bar, and I wanted to catch you up.

1. Since my, physical training ended until fall, I joined Planet Fitness to maintain my weight lifting training. I wrote new workouts for myself. Umm, yeah I'm hurting this week. Faith and I had fun. Faith is doing more cardio since she's planning on joining the military.

2. Why can't people accept the word no? Some people that lack boundaries no means let's keep it going.  It's a shame some people never had a thing to do with us until they want something. I also hate when people act like things are owed to them. I guess it shows they never were told no or they never mentally matured enough to accept the word no. 

As I get older, I've learned that people that can't accept a boundary have no respect for you what's so ever. My husband is so good and helps me stick with this. Don't become a doormat for anyone. You should know your boundaries and not let people step all over you.

3. Things have been hectic. Right now, we have three houses. I'm hoping to have one on the market by fall. We're still waiting on permits to start construction on the new home. It's so overwhelming that it feels like I'm suffocating because everything is in disarray. I'm sure it will all come together, but I've been banned from painting anymore. Yes, hubby is that picky. 

4. I took the girls for haircuts yesterday. Keira had at least 5 inches cut off which she needed. It looks so much better.

 I'm officially the shortest member of the family. Keira has bypassed me. Keira and her older sister are all legs. 

I'm so proud of my girls. I see goodness and kindness in them. This year my oldest changed. It was like a switch turned on. She started being sweet and kind again. Just in time for hormones to hit the younger one. Help, she's so moody. I know this shall pass.

5. I'm so happy. This is my second full rental season with my beach house. This will be the first year it will ultimately pay for itself (well almost thanks to the sewer lines). I know I took a big leap when I bought it. Sometimes you have a take a leap. It's been rough some weeks, but I wouldn't trade it. 

What have you been up to?



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