Handling Deliveries During Coronavirus

Handling Deliveries During Coronavirus, Coronavirus, packaging, shopping
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If you're like me, this Coronavirus has you on edge. My family and I have minimal exposure to the outside world right now, which is what I'm hoping everyone else is doing. Due to staying home more, I've been placing lots of online orders to avoid going out. Just today, I found out a local Amazon warehouse worker is carrying the virus. Yes, it's scary, but with proper safety measures handling deliveries during Coronavirus should not scare you. I've been doing lots of research, and here are some of my findings.

Handling Deliveries During Coronavirus

1. Limit contact with your delivery person. Our Fex Ex dude wanted to chat with me the other day, and I just cracked the door. If you have Ring, this comes in perfect since you don't have to even open the door. I completely forgot that I didn't even need to go to the door.

2. Studies are showing that the virus can live on packages from hours to days! It is recommended that you let a box set for 24 hours before opening it. If it's a plastic package, you should wait even longer than that. If it can't wait, especially if it's something like toilet paper, you can use a Lysol Wipe or Lysol the package. I've been finding that you need to be careful because the Lysol can stain the box.

3. If you bring a box inside make SURE to sanitize anywhere that the box touches. My husband seems to set my packages on our island. After the box is completely disposed of, I wipe everything down with a Lysol wipe. If you can't find them, I'm sure there are lots of homemade recipes on the internet.  

4. Don't forget to clean the floor when you place items down! You can bring in and spread lots of germs.

5. Let's talk about food delivery. I've been reading that it's perfectly safe to have food delivered but beware of a few things. First of all, of the packaging. I've been putting on my plastic gloves to remove items out of the bag. Make sure to sanitize anywhere the bag touches. It's HIGHLY recommended that you transfer food to a plate because the food packaging could be contaminated. 

6. Wash your hands! Seriously, this is the most important thing you can do. Make sure your hands are completely covered in soap, and you wash for 20 seconds! You can recite a poem or sing a song to make sure you hit 20 seconds!

I know this all might seem a little excessive, but I would rather be safe than sorry! I hope this answered some questions about handling deliveries during Coronavirus. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy!



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