5 Things on Friday 6/12/20

This week has been nutty. It's been one of those weeks that's full of ups and downs. Let's catch up!

1. We took out our boat for the first time this year. Let's just say it was a rough start. My friend and I were behind Matt and the kids, and we see something flying at her car window. It was our boat tire shredding. I had to call Matt to stop and back home we went. I had to take it to the shop to get it fixed, and an hour or two later, we were back on the road. Round two brought our regular boat launch being closed. We ended up buying a season pass at Metro and launched from there. That turned out to be nice because it's definitely a nicer launch and had lots to do. After that, things became a little calmer. Not that beautiful relaxing day I had planned for, but that's life.

2. After boating, we went to our first restaurant to dine in. I can't say it was everything I've been dreaming about. The menus are super limited and printed on paper so they can throw them away. Also, you need your mask anytime you leave the table. It was kind of weird, and I don't know how I felt about the situation.

3. I finished another year with my personal trainer. This year I went up to working out with her 2-3 days a week, and I saw a massive change in my body. I've become so much more muscular. Now, if only I could drop the couple pounds that I've gained over the last few months...

4. K has finally finished Middle School. What a rough ride the last few weeks have been. She didn't think she needed to do her work to pass. Ugh, I told her differently. Then after emails from teachers telling her she wouldn't get the credit, she spent a full week maybe two doing all of her homework from daylight to dark. All is done, and she has full credit in all of her classes. Also, she was happy she got into the high school she wanted so she can stay with her friends. 

5. Matt bought a new truck this week. I think his is rounding ten years old. He can plow and haul with the new one. Faith is just waiting on her SOS date so she can get her license. She passed her final driving test. We will be letting her drive the red truck. She will be paying for insurance and gas. She's excited. Of course, I'm nervous because she scares me driving.



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