5 Things on Friday Quarantine Style

Good morning! Welcome to the latest edition of 5 things on Friday quarantine style. Fifty years from now, people will be curious about what it was like living in quarantine for who knows how long, so I thought I would write about a few things going on in our lives.

1. This week I hosted a Zoom meeting for my MOPS table online. It was actually fun. I also attended church and went to a book club, which all were also online. It really helps you to feel connected in a time when we're isolated from being around friends and family. All these events were definitely highlights in my day.

2. I work out with a trainer three days a week. We moved our meetings to FB video. I was so impressed by how my butt could still be kicked by using hand weights. I'm so sore today, but I'm building not only muscle but my immunity!

3. I've been trying to get out daily and hike through our property, there are lots of nooks and crannies to discover, and it's also giving me a chance to dream about what I want to do with all of this land.

4. I think the hardest hit are teenagers. Especially since they have close friendships. My oldest, who is homeschooled and meets with her class once a week, is now going to class online. My youngest, who is in public school, has nothing school wise going on. 

To be honest, I've been the loosey-goosey parent. Why? Once kids become older, it's less about having everything planned out but allowing kids to make their own decisions and suffer the consequences. Let our kids learn from their mistakes. That's how they grow.

Last night my oldest at 2 AM woke me up moving furniture and vacuuming. Guess who we woke up at 9 AM? Yep, you wake me up, and I'm waking you up. 

5. You would think after being in quarantine for two weeks, I could proudly say I have accomplished many projects, but that hasn't been the case at all. I have conquered one project, which was spray painting a table for the beach house. I've been doing quite a bit of reading, watching TV, and working out six days a week. I might as well work on muscles since God willing I will be in Hawaii for two weeks in June. I'm still sad that we had to cancel our two weeks in Florida!

Please let me know how your family is in the comments. We are all healthy at the moment!



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