5 Things on Friday 6/26/20

I'm struggling this morning. Yesterday was a wild day. Heck, this whole post could be about yesterday. Tears won't stop welling up. I realized yesterday how protective I am about the people I love, including the animals in my life.

5 Things on Friday

1. Yesterday was a God day. God used us in a way that was so beautiful to save the lives of two horses. One was the horse my daughter used to own, Stella. I'm going, to be honest. Stella is a big pain in the butt. She's stubborn, a food lover, and absolutely throws a temper tantrum if you try to ride her. In other words, she's an oversized dog. We had Stella for a few years. We worked with her because she had been abused, and she slowly allowed her to touch her face. Also, during that time, our "sterile horse" kept getting bigger and bigger and surprise a few weeks before delivery we found out we were expecting. We couldn't afford both horses, plus our daughter was into riding. It wasn't fun for her having a horse she couldn't ride, so we gave her back to the barn owner.

2. A few weeks ago, we upgraded the truck that we had for many years so we could plow and do other things. Well, that and we gave our oldest the older vehicle. Matt and the kids also randomly stopped by the barn to see Stella. It's been years! My oldest wanted to say goodbye before the barn moved to a new location. Matt and the kids found out that Stella was sold over a month ago. While they were there, which was strictly God, they found out that she was being starved.

3. Yesterday morning Faith showed me pictures of Stella. I was sick! We had to do something. I was making lunch, and I told her that I would take the truck if I needed to and go get her. Nevermind that I had no clue that it was over 3 hours away, and I've never hauled anything in my life. But, the tiger mom in me is ferocious and protective. Thankfully, Matt took his new truck, Faith, and the owner of the barn that Faith used to be at.

4. The pictures are horrifying. Stella and another horse were there for 32 days. They were bags of skin and bones. I'm not going to lie and say they didn't walk into a hostile situation. They did. Stella, who usually tries her best to ignore us and keep busy eating, ran up to them right away. She was ready to go home, the home where she is fed well, where her beautiful daughter is, and where she can be a horse.

5. My husband and daughter arrived home safely around 11 last night. God's work through them was so amazing. What was the chance that we would have a truck big enough to haul horses, or years later, just show up at the barn at the right moment? Stella is exhausted, but she was so happy to be home. Thank you, God, for using my family. I'm still welling up.  I pray she can heal, and those horrible people are brought to justice.



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