Stained Pajamas & Jeans

I think I have the worst looking pajamas on the planet.  I'm all about the comfort.  Usually as soon as I drop the kids off in the morning, if I have no where to be, they go back on.  I usually can't even eat without being comfortableYou will often find me in sweats or pajama bottoms.  My pajama tops have stains all over them thanks to the benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid that I smear all over my face faithfully to keep acne at bay.  My poor husband can't say anything because I constantly have to look at his holey work clothes and his hair he fails to ever brush (or fix).

Putting on jeans is a big ordeal.  I've gotten so use to the comfort of pajama like clothing.  I am not giving up my size 5/6 jeans, so it's a battle to squeeze into them.  Once the mission has been accomplished, then I move on to yanking and pulling over the belly roll.  Courtesy of two well fed babies that lived nine months in my belly.    Who isn't excited about second day jeans?  Hell yeah! The second day they slide on with ease, but then you find yourself tugging because they are sliding off.

Has anyone tried the pajama jeans and wore them out?  Maybe I need to try them and lose a little weight.  I guess I'm going back on the 4 hour body (diet).  Right after Halloween is not the best time for candy resistance.



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