ImPress Nails Review

I was reading in one of my magazines about how ImPress nails last one week and they are comparable to gel manicures.

I love gel manicures, because I'm not a fan of the look of acrylic nails. They don't look natural to me and are painful to take off. I only do gel manicures on occasion since they are close to $30 bucks a pop.

So, I was excited to read about the ImPress nails. They were only 7.99 and had lots of cool designs to pick from. I went with the shorter nails, since I like more natural looking nails.

They were super easy to apply. You just remove your nail polish, use the prep pad, and find the nail that fits your finger the best. Then press it on and wait 30 minutes before you get your fingers wet.

It comes with 24 nails, so if you lose one you can quickly replace with another.

Within the first 24 hours I lost my first nail. After, I replaced 4 nails in under 30 hours I decided that they sucked. They were annoying to me and not worth the $7.99. They were just as bad as the press on nails that you would find at a drugstore. After the 4th nail, I took them all off.  

Would I recommend ImPress? If you are going out for a special occasion for an evening, one evening only, than yes.  Another option is most salons will give you a basic manicure for under $10. If you're looking for something more dramatic then go with ImPress for the evening.

I was not impressed with ImPress.



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