Watermelon Cooler Cocktail

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I love watermelon and I also like Pucker Liqueur. So, I came up with this Watermelon Cooler Cocktail, that is perfect for one, or you can multiply the ingredients to make a punch for entertaining a crowd. Feel free to add your own variations. I've created two different recipes and enjoyed them both.

If you don't enjoy sour or are watching your calories then try it this way.

2 oz of watermelon Pucker
1 oz Amaretto liqueur
Bai Kula Watermelon or diet lemon-lime soda

Fill a large glass or mason jar with ice. Add 2 oz of watermelon Pucker and 1 oz of Amaretto. Fill the glass or jar to the top with Bai or diet lemon-lime soda.

If you prefer a more sour drink, this is my favorite version.

3 oz of watermelon pucker
1 oz of amaretto

Fill a mason jar with ice. Add 3 oz of watermelon Pucker and 1 oz of amaretto. Fill to the top with Sprite. 

Enjoy! This cocktail may become your new summer drink!



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