All Saints Movie

I was given trailers to view and ticket codes to the movie for the promo posts on this blog. All opinions are my own. This blog contains affiliate links. All Saints Movie.

The All Saints movie starring John Corbett hits theaters on 8/25/17. After learning about this true story, I cannot wait to take my family to see this film it truly looks like it will tug on your heart strings.

I've been a big fan of John Corbett for years thanks to Sex in the City and was surprised to see him in a religious film but excited nonetheless.

All Saints Movie

All Saints is based on a beautiful story about a salesman turned Pastor played by John Corbett. The Pastor has been ordered to shut down his struggling church. The congregation is made up of only a handful of people including a group of refugees from SouthEast Asia. God plants a beautiful idea of planting a garden to help feed the refugees. Will his obedience to God save the church?

I love movies that I walk out of the theater and want to better my life and do good in the world. I think this is one of those rare films that we don't see too often. 

All Saints movie also reminds me to listen to God's voice. God plants seeds in our hearts and gives us the free will to act on them. Sometimes I have trouble differentiating what God's voice is and which is my own. I have been trying to pay more attention when I feel God is speaking to me.

Watching these trailers makes me think what a wonderful place this earth would be if we listened to God's call more often. 

You can grab your tickets for All Saints here! This movie is best suited for ages ten and up and is rated PG.

Will you see All Saints?



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