5 Things on Friday

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Today, I'm finally starting a new series called 5 things on Friday. I figure it's a great way we can get to know each other better! So, make sure you tell me something about your week in the comments.

My week has spelled out one-word.... stress!

5 Things on Friday

  1. This week my connection while teaching online kept dropping. So, I was put on hold teaching until I could get it fixed. It took me all week to figure out what was slowing my computer and internet down. I spent countless hours on the phone with my work and trying to contact my internet provider to increase my speed. It all worked about, but it put me behind on things I needed to do.
  2. Last night we went to see magician Adam Trent at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. He was such a humble guy! His show was fantastic and no foul language or anything inappropriate. After the show, he took the time to sign shirts for my girls and let them take selfies. The next time he's in town I highly recommend going to see him.
  3. I finally finished decorating the Christmas tree. I did not even put half of the ornaments on the tree. I decided the more I put on, the more I have to take off.
  4. I decided in 2018, I need a simple life. Between teaching, booking, and cleaning the beach house, the blog, and taking care of my family, I'm non-stop. I just want to sit and watch Jane the Virgin, and This is Us!
  5. I've really been enjoying this beautiful warm weather. I found myself going outside and feeling the heavenly sun on my face which indeed is a blessing.
Stay tuned for next week! To hear more about this mom who lives in chaos!



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