5 Things on Friday 2/2/18

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How was your week? I hope it was terrific. Here's what I've been up to this week.

1. Last weekend we headed to Lansing for our annual karate weekend. My friend, Stephanie and her family moved to the Lansing area back in the summer. So, I was excited to check out her new place and let her kids hang with my kids. Stephanie was the other original founding member of Mom Among Chaos.

My other buddy, Rachel also joined us for what I'm now calling girl party Saturday. 

The East Lansing Marriott at University Place was excellent. Matt started his karate at 9 AM. Uh, hello, what am I supposed to do waiting for my room? Well, I didn't have to worry because I am a member of the Marriott perks program. I requested my room to be ready by 9 AM and guess what? They delivered. I received a notification that it was prepared at 7:30 AM. The Marriott totally rocks!

So, we headed to check out Stephanie's new home. The girls were so excited to see each other. Both sets of our girls are only a week apart in age.

After we were safely nestled back in our hotel, we decided to walk down the street for lunch and margaritas. I love that there are so many fun things to do walking distance from this hotel. The service was less than stellar, but the margaritas were excellent.

We then took the kids swimming. Let me rephrase that. Rachel hopped in the pool with the kids and Stephanie and me just kind of watched. It was kind of cold in there. 

What do girls do when they get together? They eat, relax and chit-chat. So, when Matt was done with his ninja moves for the day, we headed to Deluca's for dinner. Deluca's has delish pizza and breadsticks. We had to wait an hour, but it was worth the wait.

2. This week I had a full teaching schedule. I actually prefer teaching smaller classes. When I have six kids parents get incredibly jealous if one kid needs more help than another. When I teach smaller classes, it seems to be less of an issue.

3. The rest of my week was filled with appointments. One kid had a therapy session which is an ordeal since it's in Troy during rush hour. The other child had an orthodontist appointment.

4. My husband had owned a timeshare since before we were married so every other year we drive to Florida. This year I actually found airfare for under $200 a ticket. So, this is the first time in 17 years that we aren't driving. Yeah, no stopping every 30 minutes because someone has to go to the bathroom.

5. I finally finished watching The Crown. I loved it. I usually don't enjoy shows that aren't fluff, but I found this show incredibly interesting since it was based on real-life happenings.



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