5 Things on Friday 1/26/18

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This week was kind of rough I'm going, to be honest, but each day keeps getting better and better. So, my fingers are crossed for a fabulous weekend. I hope yours is lovely, as well.

1. All week last week I was feeling off. I was exhausted. When Friday rolled around the kids both had half days, and I had a house full of teenagers. So, I grabbed my free pizza coupons to feed the girl's that can eat without gaining a pound. Dear high school girls enjoy eating anything and everything because the time will come when just looking at food will make you gain weight. LOL.

After I ate, I started running a high fever and went to bed. Yes, I trusted the girl's not to get into too much trouble while I slept. I ended up having some sort of 24-hour stomach bug, and it took all weekend into Monday to get my energy back. Boo!

2. Tuesday I treated myself to a mani-pedi at my favorite organic nail salon Rouge in Ferndale, Michigan. Girls, if you haven't been there let me tell you it's pure bliss. They pamper you to no end. Depending on which service you go with you can expect 90 minutes for each service. They heat up neck wraps for you and serve you coffee. My hands and feet are so soft. I need to make a point to treat myself monthly.

3. Many years ago, I started having microdermabrasion and a chemical peel every two weeks. I have found this is the only way I can keep my cystic acne clear without drugs. I hate making myself go, but the results make it worth the drive.

4. Last week our furnace was out. Hubby finally got the part and fixed it. This week the pump on the dishwasher went out. So, for the last few days, I've been washing dishes. I hate washing dishes. Thankfully, while I was at church last night, my husband made the kids do it. It's a ton of upkeep washing dishes. So, thankful for having a dishwasher I hope the part will be here tonight!

5. I'm still finishing up the second season of the Crown. It's actually an exciting show. It's on Netflix if you would like to check it out.

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