5 Things on Saturday

Happy Saturday! Join me for a cup of coffee and let's chat! My cup is almost empty and needs to be refilled.

1. I've had to do some talking to myself this week. Since I'm not Shipting and walking a zillion miles a week, I've gained some weight. I had to remind myself that I'm lifting weights and feeling healthy. That sometimes you need to stay off the darn scale and just focus on lifting and counting macros. Your mind is everything. Set it straight.

2. My Cricut is my new obsession. I've been learning how to use it and making tee shirts for everyone but myself. Faith and Matt are so easy to design shirts for so I've been having a ton of fun being creative.

3. We've had a terrible few weeks trying to find someone to remodel the home we inherited. Finally, after many calls, the company that I wanted that did my parents garage called me back. I've had three other companies out. We spent many hours talking and planning, and this guy has great ideas and seems to share our style. Later this week we get our proposal. Who knows we might be moving by fall or next spring. I will be glad to be away from my creepy neighbor and have some land. The yard we have now is so small. I do love our house and our other neighbor, sniff.

4. We spent the afternoon in Port Huron yesterday. My oldest is interested in joining the military. We met a few people a while back at a restaurant that worked for the Coast Guard. They invited us out, so we went to visit. The Coast Guard has an excellent academy, but your grades need to be at a 4.0 or higher. So now, she's considering the Navy. It was exciting learning about all of the cool programs through the military.

5. I'm heading off this morning to workout and taking the family to see Aladdin. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I will be spending mine with family and friends.



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