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Are you thin-skinned? If you're anything like me Unoffendable is the book for you. Unoffendable is a book written by Brant Hansen. It takes you out of your current thinking and teaches you how to stress less. I want you to think for a moment. If little things didn't get to you would you be happier? Would you be more mentally stable? Would you be able to focus on more important things in life?

When I first starting reading this, my first thoughts were impossible. But, I guess it's like anything else, with a little practice, anything is possible.

I connected with the author when he said he has Asperger's.  I found out a few years ago that my daughter has a nonverbal learning disorder. After doing research, I found that she ended up with that from me. I have always wondered why I have trouble with things like making eye contact with people. It explained a lot in my life. It also gave me even more compassion for the author and an even greater yearning to become Unoffendable.

How do you become Unoffendable? That's a good question. When you're offended you're focusing on yourself. The world is revolving around you, your thoughts, and needs. If you take the focus off self, you can really work at being thicker skinned. I actually practiced it over the weekend. Every time I felt like I was getting upset by something someone said, I repeated over and over in my head the word Unoffendable. I realized when I did this that some of the things that I was getting upset about were really quite silly.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book.

"Refusing to be angry about others' views isn't conflict avoidance or happy-talk. It's the very nature of serving people. I don't pretend the differences aren't there; I just appreciate that God has a different timetable for everyone."

"God wants us to drop our arms. No more defensiveness. No more taking things personally. He'll handle it."

"Shoot, we get offended by the behavior of people we don't even know. We'll go out of our way to do it, consuming news to hear what outrageous thing some celebrity did or said. Our whole culture does this. Taking offense is a national sport.

Would I recommend Unoffendable? If you are easily offended then yes go pick yourself up a copy. I enjoyed learning how to train myself to think differently.

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