5 Things on Friday 12/29/2017

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Welcome to 5 things on Friday my Christmas edition! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish many blessing for you and your family for the New Year!

1. I can't remember the last time we had a fresh snowfall for Christmas. It was so beautiful and peaceful best of all hubby didn't have to go to work and plow. 

On Christmas Eve, we started the day with a beautiful candlelit service at church and then headed on over to my parent's home loaded up with gifts and goodies. My husband and I love playing games. We enjoyed ourselves. It was fun and simple.

We host Christmas Day at our home every year. This was the first year that my kids didn't wake me up for Santa's arrival. It was payback time. When 7 AM rolled around Matt, and I went to wake them up yelling that Santa had come to town.

We had a beautiful prime roast dinner with my family and played a few games. Later in the evening, Matt had a karate friend over so of course, we ended up playing Jenga and 5 Second Rule.

2. I had purchased Ancestry DNA kit as a gift for myself after Thanksgiving. I took the test and patiently awaited my results. Three weeks later I had them. I was quite surprised to learn I was about 43% British and close to 40% Irish. I was expecting the Irish but not the British.

The coolest part of it all? I've found two-second cousins on my Dad's side that I never knew I had. My DNA matched to them and then I started asking them questions to find out how we were related.

I HIGHLY recommend doing one even if you know your family history. Like my husband explained it your DNA is like a bowl of soup. One person might end up with carrots and potatoes while another might end up with meat and broth from the same pot.

3. Last night I hung out with a few friends from MOPS. I had a lovely time. I'm loving getting to know people better out this way. In March, we've been in our home for two years, and I can finally say it's feeling like a home. I don't feel homesick too much anymore. 

4. Today, I hung out with my friend Rachel. She joined me taking the kids to see Coco. I thought it was a sweet and visually stunning movie. We also had lunch at a Thai place in Novi. It was tasty.

5. Initially, we had planned on spending New Years at the beach house, but due to the cold, we're going to be staying home. My husband decided this weekend we would finally redo our bedroom. I just feel rushed with the last minute decision to pick a color. I have a picture of how I want it to look, I only have to make it happen.

How did you spend your Christmas?



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