5 Things on Friday 1/12/18

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Five things on Friday is a reflection of my week. I would love to hear about your week in the comments!

1. On Sunday, we drove up north to check on our beach house since the temperatures warmed up. We needed to double check that our pipes hadn't burst. The kids didn't want to go so after church we dropped them off at my parents and headed up north. Having a little alone time with Matt was excellent. It seems rare that we get alone time.

On the way up, we stopped in Port Huron to eat at the Raven. The Raven has excellent soups and coffee drinks. Our server was overwhelmed and didn't put in our order until we complained so needless to say we were in there quite awhile.

Everything at our beach house was in good shape. Matt had to shovel a little bit so we could park.

2. I started a new writing theme for 2018. Instead of writing what I'm thankful for nightly I received the idea from a Vlogger to write about one thing a day that touched me in some way. I quickly found out this is quite hard to do. Each day I've been looking for kind gestures from my family and friends. I have found that even a 
thank you can make your day. Look daily for the simplest acts of kindness.

3. It's hard to believe it's been almost 6 months that I've been working at Qkids.  I'm an online ESL teacher to kids in China. The kids are sweet and usually well behaved. I really enjoy my mornings that I spend in China (well it's like being there). It did take quite a while getting used to getting up at 4:30 AM. 

4. Sometimes self-care is not something you want to do. Self-care includes those dreaded appointments like the dentist. So, today I quit putting off my mammogram and made the call. I even adulted and took my van in for an oil change and tire rotation.

5. I'm all caught up with Jane the Virgin, so I downloaded a few new Netflix shows. I'm in the car for about 90 minutes each day picking up the girls from school. This seems to be the only time that I usually get to enjoy a show. I am three shows in watching The Crown. I'm finding it interesting and found myself googling to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II.

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