5 Things on Friday

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Welcome! It's Friday, yay! Well, I will be happy on Saturday since I will get to sleep in on Sunday! Woot! How was your week? I'm going to fill you in on my latest happenings.

1. Sunday we went to Kalahari to celebrate Keira's birthday a little early. I was so disappointed in Kalahari. First of all, we had to wait in the check-in line for a good 45 minutes. They were not equipped to handle the kind of crowd they had!

Next, it was so dirty! The women's locker room had dirty diapers thrown on the floor and was just gross. My husband said the men's changing room was the same way, and it was not cleaned the next morning!

I definitely don't want to go back! We did have some fun! I enjoyed playing in the wave pool with Keira and her friend, cocktails and watching people on the Flow Rider.

2. Matt and I attended a blogger event at Bd's Mongolian BBQ in Royal Oak. We had a good time. It was National Tequila Day so I had some tasty margaritas and stir-fry. Keep your eye on the blog, and Facebook there is a gift card giveaway coming soon!

3. This week I took care of the annoying task of getting my oil changed. The same day, I went out to Buddy's to celebrate a friend's birthday which made-up for having to get my oil changed.

4. I've been continuing to work my balancing act! Yes, I still am working as an ESL teacher in the early mornings, and now I'm Door Dashing. Not to mention, I'm renting out and caring for my cottage. Add in children that like to do nothing and you have Mom Among Chaos!

5. Today, since it's raining and I melt I decided not to Door Dash unless it stops. Tonight, it's family movie night. We're going to watch Anne with an E and get food from Little Italy! Finally a little downtime.

It seems that I have a cycle! I can't wait to travel and then I can't wait to go home and then it starts again!

How was your week?



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