5 Things on Friday

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Good evening and welcome to 5 things on Friday! We were on the boat most of the day, so I'm feeling mellow. I hope you had a wonderful week!

1. I attended Taco Showdown last Sunday. We went with another couple and had a good time. We had VIP passes so we got right in. Other people weren't so lucky. They waited in line for hours, and the event ran out of food. It wasn't well organized, and you received little for your money. I wouldn't attend again.

2. Keira finished the first phase of having her teeth fixed. So, she was able to get her braces off for a little while. She immediately wanted to eat fruit roll-ups.

The same day I met up with my friend Michelle for a little girl time at Mongolian BBQ. I've been craving Chinese food, and I loved the crab Rangoon!

3. My kids and I have a little routine every other Tuesday. My daughter has therapy, so we head up to Starbucks to get coffee drinks. I always enjoy having an hour to sit and play on my phone. I love chit-chatting with my friends throughout the day.

4. I went to get new glasses this week. Can you believe I need bifocals? Well, the need was so minor that I didn't get them. When you add bifocals it more than triples the price which is so ridiculous. I will be glad to be able to see a little better.

5. I've been using CBD oil for my anxiety for about a month. I was nervous about it at first, but there isn't a high. A day later, I noticed I wasn't stressed out, and I didn't feel like the world was on my shoulders. Also, all of my irritability disappeared! Then I noticed my inflammation in my body went down quite a bit. It's just like all of a sudden you notice something that was there every day is now gone. If you have anxiety or other health conditions, I highly recommend visiting my site and checking it out (I'm an affiliate). It's life-changing. Okay, I think my husband would agree with this more because I'm so much calmer.

How was your week? I would love to hear about it!



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