5 Things on Friday 5/29/20

Good morning! Welcome to another edition of 5 things on Friday. Grab a cup of joe, and let's catch up!

1. Things are starting to feel a little bit more normal in our household. We've been having people over for dinner, and things are beginning to open, which is helping me feel more human. Heck, I even went to get my oil changed. Who knew that I would feel so normal.

2. Last weekend we worked up north. Matt worked on the bathtub insert, and I worked in the yard. It's looking adorable. Also, my bookings are starting to go crazy. I was all prepared not to rent much this year, and July and August are almost gone.

3. I spent most of my week planting. I don't want to do too much because hopefully soon, we will be ripping out the teeny tiny porch and doing something cool with a hot tub. We've had so much drama in our mobile home community for the last few weeks. I'm hoping it happens. I could write a book about living here. Seriously, nutty!!!

4. I think we've decided not to get a pool. The girls are almost grown, and we aren't sure it would be used enough. The girls have been cracking me up. I suggested putting a sprinkler under our trampoline. They had a better plan. They took all of my shampoo that I didn't like and made the trampoline a wet slippery fun place. They had so much fun!

5. I'm trying to get my weight back on track. I've gained a couple pounds. I haven't been going into deep sleep thanks to my Starbucks Refresher addiction. Yesterday, I wouldn't allow myself caffeine to see if I would go into a deep sleep. Sure enough, guess who had more proper sleep? Yep! I also didn't allow a nap. But, I was wired all on my own because I had my hair cut and colored yesterday. Shhh, don't tell Whitmer!



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