10 Reasons Why You Need Shipt

10 Reasons Why you need shipt, shipt, shopping, mom, sanity, crazy, grocery shopping, saving
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I have to be honest. I don't mind grocery shopping if my kids aren't with me. If they're with me, it's an endless "can I have this"? Like a broken record over and over again.

On top of being a mom, I've started working mornings as a teacher along with blogging and running my beach property rental. Even though I start work most mornings at 6:30 AM it cuts into my time of getting things done. As a mother, I'm definitely a juggler of many things.

Recently, I had to make some tough decisions on what to give up to save myself some sanity and time. Here are 10 reasons why you need Shipt!

10 Reason Why You Need Shipt

10 Reasons Why you need shipt, shipt, shopping, mom, sanity, crazy, grocery shopping, saving
1. Your flowers are so thirsty that they're dying. You can't-do everything your definitely not super mom. Giving up grocery shopping now allows me time to water my flowers. Okay, I admit this actually happened.

2. A bad hair day now allows you to stay home. I promise your Shipt shopper will not care if you're having a bad hair day. She or he will come in like a magical grocery delivery fairy and brighten your day!

3. You now have time to eat bonbons or do laundry. The choice is yours.

4. Your Shipt shopper is a grocery shopping professional. No more beating yourself up over buying expired milk.

5. My kids gave me the cooties. Oh, being able to have your groceries delivered is heavenly bliss.

6. You may just have a fantastic adult conversation with your Shipt shopper. Yes, mom's crave adult conversations.

7. When the weather is cold in Michigan, I hibernate. Thankfully, Shipt shoppers don't hibernate, and they drive in the snow!

8. Do you have small kids? Yep, you definitely need a Shipt shopper!

9. You get to skip the candy aisle! Yes, you've got this!

10. Shipt delivers wine! No need to say more!

Tell me in the comments why you need Shipt in your life. Make sure you sign up. You will LOVE Shipt! 

If you're already a Shipt customer, don't forget to show your appreciation by tipping your fabulous shopper like you would if they were a waitress or hairdresser!



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