5 Things on Friday 3/12/21


Happy Friday! These weeks are flying by! I can't believe Spring is around the corner! Finally!!

What I've been up to:

1. Last weekend, I checked out Vivio's in Warren. That place was hopping. When I eat out, I always go right when it opens, so there are fewer people. By the time we left, it was packed. No spacing at the bar which annoyed me, but I guess that was those people's choice to sit pretty much on top of each other. The food was okay, but they did have the best long island that I've ever had in my life. I see this place is definitely a local hangout. I won't be back anytime soon.

2. K wanted to see Chaos Walking. In other words, she wanted to see Tom Holland. The movie was pretty bad. I gave it a 2.5 out of 5. It seriously was weird and lacked a plot. Anyways, I wasn't there for the movie but the popcorn and goodies. I would say at most there were 8 people in the theater and no one near us.  Which was super nice. So, I sat and shoved popcorn and candy into my mouth like it was no one's business.

3. I've so enjoyed the weather this week. I suffer from seasonal depression, and it's so weird because I have a crazy amount of motivation that I didn't have before, thanks to the longer days. I'm still going back and forth about eventually buying another rental someplace warm so I can get away from here during the winter to battle my seasonal depression. 

4. With all of my newfound motivation, I've started working on scary basement again. I have a load to take to the Salvation Army. Also, Matt's employee cleaned out one of the rooms in the basement and started building shelves and painting. It smells so much better. Soon, I will be able to start putting my boxes on shelves. I hate living in a mess. It totally sets me off.

5. I love anything having to do with the Royals. I made the mistake of watching the Oprah interview with my husband. He stopped it every 5 minutes to make heated comments. Here is the thing. I was trapped before. I agreed to take care of a family member, not knowing she was mentally ill and abusive to us. I wasn't allowed to use the kitchen as needed or basically live my life like I normally do. I felt like I was suffocating, and each day lasted forever. I feel for Harry's wife. Until you've been in a situation, you really don't know how suffocating it is. I heard some people say, but she's living in luxury. It doesn't matter; being trapped is awful.



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