5 Things on Friday 3/1/18

Welcome to 5 things on Friday! I'm going to fill you in on this week's happenings in our chaotic household. Go grab a glass of wine and let's chat!

1. Sunday, I worked in the toddler room at church for the first time. Wow, I forgot how big of a workout carrying little ones around that are clingy. So cute but man my arm was on fire the next day.

2. Sunday we also drove out to the barn to pick up Faith. She stayed the night to help with the Easter Seals kids. Sometimes she melts my heart. I love that the barn helps special needs children.  I think animals are therapeutic.

After we spent a few hours visiting the barn and loving on Stella (Faith's horse), we headed to Clarkston to eat at the Woodshop. It was fantastic, and I had the best cocktail that I've had in a long time. I'm going to have to make it.

3. I've learned some disturbing things this week. The type that makes you not want to trust anyone at all. I've been sick about what has happened to a friend's daughter.  Parents hold your kids close to your heart!

4. The weather has been just glorious. Here in Michigan, we had two days of 60-degree temperatures. Yes, that might not seem so pleasant to somebody else, but here when that happens, it's spectacular. I rolled down my windows in my car and let the sun beat on my pasty white skin. I also managed to clean out my van a bit which was gross since it had all kinds of fun things from being in the barn.

5. I'm halfway through my 8 weeks with a personal trainer. It includes workouts, and I count macros. I'm so excited how my body is changing and so happy that this is such an easy way to eat for me. I'm finally full which leaves me satisfied.

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How was your week?



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