5 Things on Friday 6/15/18

Welcome to 5 things on Friday where I fill you in on the latest gossip going on in my life. It's Friday so grab a cocktail and let's chat!

1. Last weekend we decided to need to cut our budget a bit, so we ended up staying home from Matt's karate trip. It was nice to actually have a chance to work in the yard. Our backyard is seriously a jungle. We ended up getting our new pool up. Keira took a swim, but it was just a bit too cold for me, so I floated on my raft.

2. Faith had half days just about every day this week, so I took her to the barn on Tuesday to visit her horse. Her horse was abused and wouldn't let us touch her face when we got her in December. She's come such a long way. She now will even lay her face on you, and she loves giving kisses. She fits in well with our family. She is lazy and loves to eat. 

3. Yesterday, was the girl's last day of school. We celebrated by having lunch at Big Boys. I love being able to have lunch with my husband since our home is so close to his work.

4. Last night my husband and I met up with friends and attended Yelp's Nauti by Nature at the Detroit Boathouse. All kind of companies were at the event, and I was able to sample fabulous eats from a variety of local restaurants. I now have a new list of restaurants that I want to visit in the Metro Detroit area!

5. Today, I'm having an alarm system installed by Guardian Alarm. I have partnered with them to bring you a new series of blog posts. Watch for them!

How was your week?



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