5 Things on Friday 3/30/18

Welcome to 5 things on Friday were I fill you in on the scoop for the week. So, grab a bowl of ice cream and join me. Make sure to fill me in on your week in the comments.

1. Last weekend my girlfriends came over to spend the night. We are all spread out over Michigan, so we decided to have a little slumber party. It turned out to be a ton of fun. 

Friday night we went to a paint night at my church. We had a good time laughing at our own awful masterpieces and then we came back to my house to celebrate a birthday and watch some TV. 

Saturday, we hit the thrift store for a few hours which was fun. We found a few goodies. Then we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant Pasquale's. The food is divine, and I came home blissfully happy and in a food coma.

2. Sunday, I started feeling off, and it continued through the week. I ended up taking half the week off of work because I was coughing and my throat hurt. I finally made myself go to the Doctor, and I was put on meds for a bacterial sinus infection. Total boo. I usually would wait it out but we are heading to the sunny state soon, and I want to feel my best.

3. I go to the BEST manicure/pedicure place around. It's an organic nail salon that totally pampers you in Ferndale called Rogue. It's actually hard to get in so I had to get spoiled a little early for our trip. I wasn't feeling hot, but at that point in the week, I thought it was allergies. So after a morning of pampering hubby called to see if I wanted to get lunch with him. It was a beautiful day.

4. My daughter officially has her permit so today when I picked her up from school I handed over the keys. I'm still here, I didn't die! She just needs practice she drives a bit jerky. 

5. I'm trying to take it down a few notches. I've been going non-stop on top of feeling terrible. I had not missed one workout with my personal trainer. I'm in the last week. I'm going out of this program at 100%. I have until the end of the week to get 2 more workouts in. I just kind of held off from working out since I'm running a fever but tomorrow it's on. I'm feeling so much more confident in my clothes, and I slid right into a size 4. That hasn't happened in years.

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